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About Head Coachman Kim Isaacsohn 

Growing up in South Africa, my love of craft started around age 6. I did it all from pottery, to screen

printing, jewelry making, painting, sculpting, etc. At age 21, I came to the USA with two suitcases and no money, in order to purse my career as a clothing designer. After a decade of success in apparel, I decided to risk it all, start my own company, and become an independent lifestyle designer. A shopping cart, a dog bag, and a baby bag. 24 years later and here is Clever Carriage Company. Not only handbags but scarves, wraps, tops, and all those little accessories you never knew you needed. Not to mention the creation of our Home line, Clever Carriage Home.


I have sold to thousands of boutiques and department stores worldwide, as well as on HSN for the

last 11 years.

I have worked with artisans that make our accessories by hand in all corners of the world. I could not have built this business without these people.

I truly believe that there are two hearts in every bag, the one that makes it and the one who buys it.


I also could not have done it without the circle of friends and collectors that make up Clever Carriage Company. My customers have supported me since the very beginning, and drive me to keep bringing you unique product.


Anyone can buy a luxury brand handbag or accessory, but when you buy Clever Carriage Company,

you send a message that you are unique, confident, and proud to express your own personality and taste. Each one of my hand-crafted accessory’s is an immediate collectible that can be considered a family heirloom one day. They are truly wearable works of art. I believe it is not just about the accessory itself, but the story behind the bag.


I am continuously scouting the world for new crafts.

For Centuries women have turned to crafts to celebrate, share, and heal, and I believe when we as women stand together, we are powerful!


May my bags deliver the spirit of craft, friendship and the empowerment of women in every stitch.



6 years old

56 years old

Kim Isaacsohn 

Head Coachman 

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