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  1. Lives in a fruit or tree address; for example, Maple drive, Cherry lane...

  2. Knows her credit card number by heart.

  3. Hates paying for shipping.

  4. Does not like projects; changing strap lengths, fixing bags, etc.

  5. Loves compliment from her friends.

  6. Wants the bag now...instant gratification!

  7. Loves the Clever Carriage Company Black Bag for schlepping, laundry, and travel and gets mad when they are not inside.

  8. Re-uses the leopard tissue for gift packages.

  9. Wants to be clever and educated on what she is buying. She likes to know the story of each bag, for example: What is Zardosi Embroidery.

  10. Loves the hangtag and reads it to her friends.

  11. Has stackable rings.

  12. Uses the bags for decoration. They need to work in her entrance hall, mud room, summer house; they need to fit into her lifestyle.

  13. Needs to work with a tan or black wardrobe.

  14. Does not like heavy bags.

  15. Likes feet at the bottom of the bag, so that you don't have to hang it around your neck in the Ladies Room.

  16. Wears her Clever Carriage handbag for the season, puts it in her closet and brings it back 2 years later...and loves it again!! It's an investment into wearable art.

  17. Passionately will follow a handbag around the country until she finds it. No problem how many phone calls she makes.

  18. Is either on diet or eating cupcakes.

  19. Re-gifts cleverly.

  20. Loves any kind of telephone device.

  21. Loves bags as there is no size diet to fit into a bag.

  22. Gets more satisfaction from her bag than her man!

  23. Thinks that roses are the only flower worth discussing.

  24. Never has a pen that's working.

  25. Believes in buying expensive jewelry for herself.

  26. "St. Bart's in the winter, Hamptons in the summer, and weekly hair blowouts all year round !"

  27. Has her bathroom decorated in either toile or leopard or both.

  28. Only likes French toile not Chinese toile.

  29. Knows reading glasses need to be a fashion statement not a drug store purchase.

  30. Can never find reading glasses when she needs them, for menus, etc.

  31. Is not tech-savvy; computers, electronics, DVDs. Always has to get someone else to fix it!

  32. Collects Clever Carriage Company Handbags.

  33. Hates the post office, does not even know where it is.

  34. The same women from Aspen, Boca, to the Hamptons.

  35. Loves coffee and chocolates.

  36. Loves to know the best restaurants in town.

  37. Has a designer wallet; Prada, Gucci, LV...


  1. Never makes the statement, "I do not have time to take care of myself." by Lori

  2. When at a hotel and significant other is eating, sniffs out The Gift Shop. Who needs food when shops are near? by Kendra

  3. Raises a daughter to carry on the legacy of love for Clever Carriage Handbags.  by Maya

  4. Always selects a bag to describe her mood for the day, as well as to match her ensemble.  by Janet

  5. Has a couch in the living room exclusively for her handbags to sit. by Jackalynne

  6. Is nothing less than a head turner! with her unique flair for not just finding the perfect bag, but having original style, and a beautiful personality to match! by Valerie

  7. If youre gonna need it and you gotta carry it, why not Clever Carriage bag and matching wrap? by Bernita


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